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Welcome to the official Scappoose School Bond support page, where we embark on a journey toward shaping a brighter future for our community and its young learners. Just as successful school bonds have transformed education across the nation, we stand on the cusp of a remarkable opportunity to elevate our local schools to new heights. Our commitment to excellence in education drives us to seek your support in passing this crucial school bond. By investing in modern facilities, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced learning spaces, we're not only ensuring the academic success of our students but also fortifying the foundation of our town's prosperity. Join us in this pivotal moment as we rally behind progress, innovation, and the boundless potential of the next generation. Together, we can pave the way for a stronger, more vibrant future for Scappoose and its cherished community.



In the spring of 2023 the Scappoose School District formed a citizen-led Community Planning Committee to assess facilities needs. It's been 15 years since the passage of the last bond measure in our District. In that time, the number of students in our classrooms has increased; safety and security concerns have changed; and basic systems like electrical, heating, plumbing and roofs are aging and do not function as designed. In addition, the 92-year-old Scappoose Middle School building does not adequately meet current educational standards.The Committee reviewed building condition assessments, educational adequacy, and growth projections. Based on this review, the committee recommended a comprehensive $114 million bond package to the board for the November 2023 election.


We have formed a Political Action Committee to assist with the efforts to generate support for the passing of the bond.  Commonly known as, 'Yes on Scappoose School Bond,' our official name that is registered with the state is Yes on Scappoose School District Efficiency Efforts PAC. We are looking forward to partnering with many of you as we have the opportunity to share the message that this important investment will bring to our kids and community. Join us!



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